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Middle School News 14 July: Certificates, Carnivals and Camps.

  • July 13, 2017

Middle School News 14 July: Certificates, Carnivals and Camps.

I trust your children have had a good rest and time of refreshment over the holidays and are ready for the new term. Coming back to school always has mixed responses but at our  assembly this week, students were reminded that ‘as the wind blows against a sapling, it’s root system and trunk are strengthened’ and so school is a time of strengthening and growing. Our verse for the year, Whatever is good, true, noble, praiseworthy… think upon these things. (Philippians 2:8)… is also a reminder to focus on the skills they are good at or the wins they have made so far this year and to continue to work on improving in these. Often, time can be spent focusing on the negatives and then there is no drive left to keep the momentum going and develop their talents and giftings. That does not mean we brush over what needs to improve but rather progress comes out of knowing (or maybe discovering) strengths and working on strategies to support and meliorate any areas of weakness.

At our recent assembly, those students who qualified for an Academic or Diligence Certificate in the last reporting round were acknowledged. I would encourage you to look at the reports with your child and help them to specifically focus on what did go well last semester and how they can keep progressing this semester or moving forward positively. They may not have received one of these certificates, but together you can celebrate the small wins or focus on the goals for this next semester coming up.

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Carnivals are another great way to recognise some of our students’ gifts and talents. For those who don’t shine in this area, I’m sure the day will have been an excellent community event and a chance to cheer on their fellow friends and students who excel in this area.

Camps for Year 9 and 7 are coming up. Please communicate with PC teachers if you have any questions and we welcome your prayers for our students (and staff) who will be stretched (or be in their element) while away.

Term 3 Middle School Dates

Week 2   17-21 July

    • All week – Year 9 camp
    • Monday – Year 7s Geography excursion

Week 3   24-27 July

    • Monday – 8M Bullying Prevention Workshop, Year 8 and 9 – ‘Real Talk’ Seminar
    • Tuesday – Secondary French Expo

Week 4   31-3 July

    • 8W  Bullying Prevention workshop
    • Tuesday – Andrew Wallace visit for Year 7
    • Wednesday – All Day Year 8 Geography Excursion

Week 5   7-10 August

  • Monday – Legacy Cup Event

Week 6    14-17 August

    • All Week – Year 7 Canberra Trip
    • Monday – 9G Bullying Prevention Workshop
    • Wednesday – Year 8 Retreat
    • Thursday – 8 French Restaurant Excursion Pds 4- 6

Week 7    

    • Book Week – Monday – Book Character Assembly
    • Year 9M Bullying Prevention Workshop
    • Wednesday – Middle School Relax and Read Day

Week 8

    • Monday – Year 9W Bullying Prevention workshop

Week 10

    • Monday – Iron and Clay during Chapel
    • Wednesday – Year 7 Bullying Prevention Workshops
    • Thursday evening – Year 7 Student Led conferences
    • Friday
      • Year 8 – Walk to Water
      • Middle School Games

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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