Middle School News 1 May 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Middle School News 1 May 2015

  • April 29, 2015

Middle School News 1 May 2015

Great Camps

All Middle School students have been on camp for the first week of this term. The Year 7s have been to Canberra and were able to attend the 100 years ANZAC Gallipoli service in the nation’s capital. The Year 8 and 9 students have been on Outdoor Education camps. If you chat with them you will hear of stories such as reaching the summit of mountains after carrying their packs laden with the gear and food required to stay overnight – eyes shining and proud. We all know though that for many there are concerns and stresses related to camping that are far bigger in their minds to conquer than the mountain summit. It is overcoming and working through their fears and issues and coming out on top that makes these camps such valuable and life-impacting experiences. I would like to publicly thank our dedicated staff for their willingness, enthusiasm and professionalism in making these happen – with no extra remuneration except the thanks they see in your child’s eyes. Our Year Level Coordinators will write about these camps with photos over the next few newsletters.

Reports, Parent Teacher Interviews and Goal-setting

This week, students have taken stock of their academic progress so far by looking at their interim reports and then resetting their goals for this semester. I encourage you to discuss these with your children and work out how you can best support them on this part of their journey. I hope you were able to touch base with some of your child’s teachers this week at the Parent Teacher Interviews. Remember, all our teachers are only an email away and would be happy to communicate with you regarding any concerns or queries you may have. Please check the school ‘Connect’ site to access the Assessment Calendars and individual subject notes and assessments etc.

Study Skills Parent Information night

After our very successful Study Skills Parent info night last term – which was geared towards parents of students in Senior College – we will be holding a similar night this Monday, 4 May, 6.30pm in the Theatre. I highly encourage and recommend all parents to attend this informative and helpful presentation.


Please remember we are now in the winter terms. For boys this means wearing a tie, shirt tucked in and black belt. Only school jumpers are allowed. Winter scarves must be maroon, bottle green, black or white. No patterns are acceptable. Beanies are not permitted. Week 3, Thursday (next week) will be a ‘Hair Day’ where we will check that the hairstyle is within keeping of our College Uniform Policy.

A School of Special Character

You may be aware that our school management went on a study trip to New Zealand. Coming back to our school – rather than seeing a myriad of things that need to change – I was greatly encouraged by such things as: A staff member who mentioned how lovely ALL our kids were as they were on playground duty; and encouraging comments and feedback from the community in response to their observation of our students on camp.

I believe we do live with the ‘end in mind’ and endeavour to not just create clever individuals but thoughtful young people who know their heavenly Father. While our school and community is definitely a ‘work in progress’, let’s hold dearly to what we have and keep working together. Our lives are not a performance but about a relationship that we have with our creator God and each other. I look forward to working with our students and their families this term and into the rest of this year.

Jacqualina Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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