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Middle School mock elections

  • March 19, 2014

This term in Year 7 Business we have been look our Government and the process of election. This is of interest to the Year 7 as they will be visiting Parliament house while down in Canberra in week 10.

As part of the assessment for Business, the students were asked to organise their own political party and come up with some school issues that they could use to create policies to present to other students. The students listening would then vote on who had the best policies.
We were fortunate to have David McKenzie from the Australian Electoral Commission come and present to our students an informative discussion on our electoral process. David wrote to me later to comment on how well the students behaved and they asked well considered questions. He also acknowledge that they “are a credit to the school and their community.”
On the 6th March the Year 7 students presented to Year 6. The library was set up with voting booths and election paraphernalia and the candidates were ready for their voters. Some even handed out lollies. In the end Sarah Mens won the day. She was eloquent in her speech and spoke to her audience. I see big things for her in the future.
Well done to all involved and thank you to Year 6 and Mrs Jen for being our wonderful voters.  
Matt Ware, Year 7 Coordinator
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