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Middle School Celebrates Student Achievements in Academics, Arts, and Athletics

  • May 11, 2023

Middle School Celebrates Student Achievements in Academics, Arts, and Athletics

Middle School is always buzzing with activity, and sometimes it’s challenging to find the time to share and celebrate all the special moments with you.  So here is a short ‘Let’s stop and smell some of the Middle School ‘roses’ opportunity.

First and foremost, our heartfelt congratulations go to the Middle School students who received Academic and/or Diligence Certificates during the Week 1 Middle School assembly. These certificates are a testament to their consistent dedication and hard work in their studies. Well done, students! You can see all the photos HERE.

Anzac Parade and Service

Another noteworthy event was the local Beerwah ANZAC Day parade, where we were thrilled to see a significant number of Middle School students participating. It was heartwarming to witness their recognition of our past and present servicemen. We would also like to acknowledge two exceptional Year 7 students who assisted with the Catafalque party at the College ANZAC service. Their contribution truly added to the solemnity and significance of the event.

Geography Excursion

In terms of educational experiences, our Year 8 students recently embarked on a Geography excursion focused on coastal management. Living in such a beautiful location, it’s important to appreciate the efforts of our council in maintaining and improving accessibility while preserving the natural beauty of these areas.

Susan McLean Guest Speaker

Last week, we had the privilege of hosting Susan McLean, an international and well-renowned guest speaker who delivered informative CyberSafety sessions. Her expertise and clear advice on this crucial topic were greatly appreciated by both students and staff.

Banksy Exhibition

The Year 9 Visual Arts students had an incredible opportunity to visit the Banksy Exhibition in Brisbane. It was a chance for them to explore and appreciate the world of art.

Class Visits

During my visits to various classes, I discovered some exciting projects and activities. The Year 9 ICT class is currently engaged in designing and constructing a LEGO vehicle, which they are coding to perform various functions like lifting, moving, transporting, and dropping off a load. It’s an excellent hands-on learning experience!

The Year 7 students, on the other hand, had a fascinating lesson in astronomy. They were provided with the distances between planets in relation to the sun and had to complete a ratio activity to represent the planets’ scale using foam balls on the oval. It was a creative and engaging exercise that enhanced their understanding of the solar system.

Speaking of Year 7, they have also been showcasing their poetic talents. If you have a child in Year 7, ask them about the poetry they’ve been working on or inquire about Mrs. Simmonds’s exceptional and unforgettable lesson on onomatopoeia.

In the realm of science, the Year 9 students are conducting an investigation on raising chickens. They are exploring the optimal food and conditions for raising day-old chickens and will culminate their project by building a whizz-bang coop on the Ag farm. It’s an exciting and hands-on experiment that allows them to apply their scientific knowledge.

Lastly, we want to celebrate the achievements of our students outside the classroom. Our E-Sports team secured an impressive second place in the recent FUSE Cup – Sunshine Coast division. Additionally, we are proud to announce that Mitchell O’Shea won the subteen division in the CAPO QLD State Powerlifting Championships. He not only displayed incredible strength but also set new Australian records in his age and weight class. Furthermore, we have several students who have qualified for state or national championships in various sports such as Karting and Horsemanship.

These are just a few examples of the wonderful things happening in our Middle School “garden.” in ONLY the past few weeks this term. I hope this helps you have a little more insight into your child’s school life. Come to Open Day to see some of these things on display!

Jacq Vreeling, Head of Middle School

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