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Message from the Fees Office

Finalisation of 2016 fees, and 

How to get a pleasant surprise on your 2017 Fee Statement

Well it’s finally the end of term and that means the end of school fee payments for another year – yeah!

For those families who took up the option to get ahead on next year’s fees and ticked the ‘Ongoing Payments Option’ box on their 2016 DDR Form, this means that your current automatic direct debits will continue over the holiday period and you will have a pleasant surprise in the ‘Opening Balance’ box on your 2017 Annual Fee Statement – a CREDIT balance!

If you’d also like that feeling, it’s as easy as emailing me at or phoning me at the office to arrange an ongoing payment of your choosing.

For those of you looking forward to the holiday break from fees – enjoy!

Penny White, Accounts Receivable Officer 

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