Message from Chris Warren - Year 10 Coordinator - Glasshouse Christian College

Message from Chris Warren – Year 10 Coordinator

  • February 4, 2014

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Welcome to 2014. My name is Mr Chris Warren and I am the 2014 Year 10 Coordinator. I look forward to working collaboratively with your both yourselves and your children. I hope that all of the students in Year 10 have a happy and successful year. The staff at year 10 are working together to create an atmosphere where your child will be able to experience academic, spiritual and personal growth.

The Pastoral Care teachers for year 10 2014 are;
Ebony Hilton 10M
Julie Peters 10W
Chris Warren 10G

The Pastoral Care teacher is the first point of reference, in relation to the pastoral, educational and welfare issues that may arise for your son/daughter. Please feel free to contact the Pastoral Care teacher by phone if you have any queries or concerns.

Homebase teachers make every effort to get to know your children well and develop a comfortable relationship with your child.

The role of the Homebase teacher also includes monitoring of the school diary, wearing of the correct uniform and following up absences.

GCCC is committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for all students. We believe we have the best chance of being able to do this where the parents and the teachers are working as a team. To that end we ask all parents to re-acquaint themselves with the College’s Well Being / Discipline and uniform Policies.

Of course, for issues that require further attention and time, please feel free to contact me on or on the college phone. I will do my best to return an email or call before the end of the day.


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