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Melbourne Design Week – Reminiscing on the past

  • August 24, 2023

Melbourne Design Week – Reminiscing on the past

Our very first Melbourne Design Trip was an absolute blast! We created so many incredible memories together. During Melbourne Design Week, our students got to attend exciting Design lectures that showed us how diverse Design Courses are and how they prepare students for our ever-changing world. Navigating Melbourne using the trams required teamwork and careful planning, and our students rose to the occasion splendidly.

We had a whirlwind adventure, visiting more than 6 different Design Universities, exploring a variety of museums, and immersing ourselves in a wide range of Design exhibitions all around the Melbourne CBD. Believe it or not, our students even had a few amazing moments where they unexpectedly met the designers behind some of the exhibitions. How cool is that?

The memories from our Melbourne trip still light up our conversations, and we thought it would be fantastic for you to join in on the excitement too!

Here’s what some of the students have to say about the trip:

“The Melbourne design trip was a once in a lifetime experience for me as a student. I was so blessed to be a part of an impressive design trip. Visiting top design schools and being involved with great designers was something out of this world, the fantastic designers and design pieces that I witnessed forever changed my views on design. The design trip helped me as a student broaden my perspective of design thinking to another level. The knowledge I learned during the trip was something I could never learn in a classroom. In order to make us better designers, we as students need to be exposed to other brilliant designers to create and inspire more people to design on the next level”.

“Looking back at the 2023 design trip, there were many moments and experiences that I enjoyed. One of these was the opportunity to travel to a different part of Australia. For me, this was a very positive experience as it widened my knowledge and understanding of the world. Being in an entirely different city was such an experience on its own. I enjoyed how forward-thinking Melbourne is; it had so many cool design experiences that we don’t have access to here in Brisbane. One of these being the Universities they have down there, RMIT was such a highlight for me. It was so encouraging to see such support for the design subject. I loved walking through the campuses and seeing all the courses and degrees they had to offer. I also loved spending time with friends and trying new things. Overall, seeing the city of Melbourne was such a great experience, and being able to explore design within it really enhanced it”.

“Going on the Melbourne Design Trip was definitely a life-changing experience for me personally and I feel like I learned so much more about what opportunities are out there in the world for the design career. We toured so many amazing uni campuses and I got a feel of what studying design at RMIT in Melbourne would be like imagining myself with that career next year. It was my first time ever in Melbourne, and it was such an eye-opening experience to see some designers over there and their creations, and how urban and different their city is to back at home. I got to see another culture and understand a lot of the design processes I learned about in class, and put them into motion as well as trying my own designs with the help of professionals. It was amazing. It was very beneficial for me personally, and I 100% recommend the trip to other grades, If you are thinking about design as a passion or career option this trip would be an amazing experience, it changed my whole viewpoint. I am now thinking about a career in design and that trip helped me to solidify my choice, and enjoy the sites of Melbourne on the side”.

Primrose Kombanie, Secondary Teacher

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