MEGA Garage Sale

  • July 18, 2018

Clear out your cupboards for our Mega Garage Sale on 4 August. A Big Year Crew in Senior School [Friday faith space] have been focussing on living like Jesus. A recent month focussed on holding your possessions lightly.

In Matthew 6:19-20 we are challenged by Jesus not to build up material stuff but to focus more on serving others in Jesus name, which builds up treasure in heaven. So, an idea brewed. Let’s raise funds for local state school chaplains with our possessions. We have been clearing out our cupboards to donate good quality clothes, books, toys, dvds, homeware, kitchenware, etc. I personally made a pledge to donate one item a day into a pile in the spare room. Some days I find eight things I don’t need but could be used to bless someone else. If every College family donated just two bags of items that could raise $15, we would be close to raising $5000! It’s that easy! You can see my pile in the photos. A positive side effect is that my cupboards are emptier and everything else is neater now and easier to find!

We chose to raise funds for two local chaplains. Beerwah Chaplain Mike Turner who works full time at both Beerwah’s primary and high schools. Chaplain Steph Alksne [also a parent who has volunteered as a chaplain at our school running groups for a year] at Beerburrum state school.

So please take some time in your holidays to spring clean and on Friday 3 August drop off your goods to the church. The Garage sale will be held in the church carpark on Saturday 4 August from 7am to 12pm in Glasshouse Country Baptist Church Car Park.

There will be many bargains to be had so make sure to donate and to join us on the Saturday for bargains, barista coffee, a jumping castle, fairy floss, popcorn, breakfast food and to meet our local chappies.

We have produced a 1.30 second video promoting the garage sale – please contact Pastor Fi if you would like a copy to show to your church/club/group.

Pastor Fiona Cran

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