Meet the Maintenance Team - Glasshouse Christian College

Meet the Maintenance Team

  • February 18, 2014

Have you ever wondered who was behind the green grass, the flourishing flowers and perfect paint jobs around GCCC?

Wonder no longer. Meet the magnificent men who work long hard hours to make the College sparkle:

Mark BeckerMark Becker (6)-Optimized

Mark is the original groundsman and has been with the school for seven years in two spells. He has been involved with the College since it’s genesis. Mark is an amazingly versatile person that can fix just about anything. With a background in boiler making, he has made many of the steel items around the school. Mark is also responsible (among many other things) for our line marking and much of our mowing etc.

Mark’s interests include shooting and road trips.



Tim SiggsTim Siggs (6)-Optimized

Tim has been with the school for almost three years. His background is in renovation, design and project management along with other varied employment positions.

At the College, his role is to organise and delegate maintenance requests, to liaise with contractors and builders and to undertake maintenance around the school buildings and grounds. He also supervises the cleaning team.

Tim’s interests include wildlife videography and travel.



John VreelingJohn Vreeling 12.2.14 006-Optimized

John has been with us for one year on a part time basis. He also serves in the cleaning team.

John has an extensive background in painting and has already painted many projects around the school. John has helped with a wide range of challenges both in the area of grounds and maintenance .

John’s interests include sport and travel.



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