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Make a Difference

  • October 22, 2019

Make a Difference

As part of the Year 6 motto “Make a Difference”, our team has decided to take action and make a difference in society by collecting and recycling items that are often thrown away.  We need your help to do this. You can help us make a difference by collecting plastic bottle tops, bread tags, metal bottle caps and metal ring pulls from cans and bringing them into school to be recycled.  Here are some example pictures of things we are collecting:

Yes, these will be recycled but do you know what they can become?  The plastic bottle tops will be sent to a company where they will get reformed and moulded into prosthetic limbs using a 3D printer. The metal bottle tops, ring pulls and bread tags are sold to recycling companies and the money raised from this funds wheelchairs for people in need. How amazing is that!  Your rubbish can help others!

There will be labelled collection boxes placed at the following locations for you to drop off your items:

  • Prep
  • In the OLA near the Buddy Bench
  • Outside Year 3
  • Outside Year 4
  • Outside Year 5
  • Outside Year 6

We are very excited about collecting and recycling these items and are looking forward to making a difference in the lives of other people.  Start collecting today and stop all of these things from being sent to landfill.

Thank you for your help.

Year 6 MP Recycling Company

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