Year 6 excursion to Luther Heights Youth Camp - Glasshouse Christian College

Year 6 excursion to Luther Heights Youth Camp

  • May 1, 2018

Year 6 excursion to Luther Heights Youth Camp

On Monday 23 April, Year 6 headed to the beautiful coast near Coolum to the Luther Heights Youth Camp. The students were put through their paces mentally and physically as they battled their way through a variety of team challenges. The transformation of their thinking was interesting to witness as the day unfolded. Below the students reflect on what they enjoyed and what they learnt from the experience.

It was great when…

“…we walked across the bridge, it was like being in a jungle and the best part was how hard it was to get across without getting wet.”

“…we went to the beach and we had to work as a team to win and we had to trust other people’s ideas.”

“…my team worked together and cooperated on the Whale’s Tale challenge. We managed to make it not touch the ground for 1 minute and 20 seconds and our goal was to reach only 45 seconds!”

“…when my team worked together on the beach and at the bridge, everybody pitched in.”

We learnt …

“…how to work together with other people that I don’t normally work with.”

“…that we have to work together and not just do it by yourself. We have to help each other. For example when we had to get the chicken back to the hospital we had an idea and it worked. The idea was when someone got the chicken to pass it back so they won’t suspect that it was the closest person to the chicken, cunning!”

“…that sometimes you might think that it’s easier if you do things alone in life but if you work together it can be easier to balance life’s great difficulties. So the skill that I learnt is to work together as a team.”

“…when you’re working in a team and in a large group even though it seems like you’re running out of time and your group does not understand the group challenge keep pushing at what you’re trying to achieve to keep going.”

“…I think that if we work together then we can achieve more.”

“…most of the time someone would give up and not come back into the group but we would have to help them and encourage them then they would come back to help. The skill we learned in the end was working together.

“…how to work in a team. The more activities my team did the better we worked as a team, especially when we had our turn on the wobbly bridge. My team learnt how to trust each other and I am proud of us for that!“

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