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Lunchtime Soccer Competition

  • December 2, 2014

During Term 4 Ryan Harrison run a soccer competition for Year 4 and 5 students at lunchtime as part of his traineeship.  Six teams were formed with most games being six aside games. Teams were quite evenly matched and everyone enjoyed playing close games each Wednesday.

After 6 weeks of competition the final was played between Team Barcelona and Team Jamaica. Team Barcelona showed fantastic skill with the ball and passing from both teams was great to watch. Team Barcelona dominated the game and finished as winners and champions with Team Jamaica being Runners Up.

Congratulations to all players of every team as this was a fun competition and great sportsmanship was on display throughout. The other teams playing were the Terminators, The legends, East Coast Champions and the Eagles. There were some very close games and competition was intense in some games. We would also like to thank Bakani Kombani and Jack Kirkitscha for refereeing many of the games during their own lunch breaks.

Team Barcelona – Declan Martin, Nick van der Palan, Ethan Palmer, Courtney Stead, Cassidy Ferris and Ben Blue

Team Jamaica – Zander Bryant, Bohdi Amendolia, Connor Lubcke, Riley Korczynski, Jeffrey Parkes, Clancy Warner and Mitchel Tidy

Soccer Runners Up           Soccer Winners


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