Little Voices visit Southern Cross Care - Glasshouse Christian College

Little Voices visit Southern Cross Care

  • September 17, 2019

Little Voices visit Southern Cross Care

On the morning of Friday 13 September, the Little Voices choir set off to Southern Cross Care, Little Mountain. We had been invited to sing for them. We took enthusiastic Year 1 and 2 students, four staff members, parent helpers, props, some costumes and a big bundle of cards we had written in especially for the residents and guests.

The children charmed the audience and made us all proud. It was very special to see the joy on so many mature faces as we sang and to see the children interact with the group beforehand.

Thanks to Southern Cross Care for providing morning tea, a lovely audience and handmade gifts for each child. Our aim was to bless these folk, but I believe the blessings went both ways, in abundance. 

Thanks to our friendly and helpful parent helpers and staff, Mrs Sarah Leary, Mrs Penny White, and our two kind and trustworthy bus drivers. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and already have been asked to return in the future. I will certainly work towards this! 

Lin Smith, Year 1 Team Leader

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