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Literacy Pro Rewards Reading

  • July 27, 2023

Literacy Pro Rewards Reading

Congratulations to our Year 3-6 students for their fantastic reading achievements! We recently celebrated our end of Semester 1 Scholastic Literacy Pro Awards and the Term 2 Millionaires Party. Collectively across the College students have passed 21,203 Lexile quizzes and read 78,159,694 words, which is a testament to their hard work and consistent reading. Our Gold Gallery is currently the largest it’s ever been with 86 students having reached this end of year Literacy Pro goal already.

This term students are encouraged to aim for the Silver Award level by earning 50 points for Year 3 students and earning 75 points for Year 4-6 students. Whatever level the students are currently sitting on, now is a great time to build consistent home reading reading habits and to build excitement for reading. We love to see students making progress and to see their confidence and comprehension skills developing as a result.

Reading is a fundamental skill that opens the doors to a world of knowledge, imagination and creativity. Regular reading improves concentration and memory, cultivating empathy and experiences, as students see what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes. Alongside our amazing Library collection, the Lexile collection offers a wide range of eBooks, picture books, graphic novels, fiction and non-fiction titles for students to choose from. Choice is a key element of the program as students select books in their interest areas. To broaden reading options we also developed the Book Hooks Blog, which allows students to complete reviews and to be rewarded for books without a Lexile quiz – adding an extra layer of motivation for students to read widely. The sky’s the limit with the Literacy Pro program at GCC!

Semester 1 Literacy Pro Awards

Highest Lexile Growth

3G Amiyah Ellis
3M Jed Eather
3W Asher Leach
4G Hannah Burnett
4M Jessica Brookes
4W Lily Nail Quinton
5G Archie Thomsen
5M Beau Schroter
5W Zara Smith
6G Harry Kirk
6M Lochlann Boal
6W Reuben Torrisi

Highest Lexile Points

3G Charlie Brandon Byrne
3M Madelyn Teale
3W Nathaniel Spiteri
4G Evie Coulson
4M Christine Bedwell
4W Ivy Lange
5G Tyler Watson
5M Hannah Rae
5W Bella Ryan
6G Cooper Beaven
6M Isaac Choi
6W Byron Lange

Highest Words Read

3G Dakoda Taylor
3M Mason Beattie
3W Daniel Merenkov
4G Evie Coulson
4M Christine Bedwell
4W Ivy Lange
5G Tyler Watson
5M Hannah Rae
5W Bella Ryan
6G Marley Roy
6M Estelle Collins
6W Byron Lange

The Millionaires Club

The Millionaires Club is another incentive we developed beyond the program to celebrate the students’ amazing dedication to reading. Students join the Millionaires Club when they have read 25,000 words and they receive certificates at various milestones along their journey toward the reading of 1,000,000 words. We currently have the following number of students in the Millionaires Club across Year 3-6:

Level 1 – 25,000 words read : 41 students
Level 2 – 50,000 words read :  49 students
Level 3 – 100,000 words read : 80 students
Level 4 –  250,000 words read : 66 students
Level 5 – 500,000 words read : 19 students
Millionaire Readers : 12 students

A shout out to the students who have read over 1 million words so far this year!

Over 1 million words read

Evie Coulson
Harper Moore
Ivy Lange
Tyler Watson
Hannah Rae
Bella Ryan
Cooper Beaven
Marley Roy

Over 3 million words read

Byron Lange
Reuben Torrisi

Thank you for partnering with us to foster a love for reading. For further information about the program and links to Literacy Pro, the Books Hooks Blog and the current Millionaires Club list go to the Primary Library Gateway Page. We look forward to seeing the reading culture continue to grow at the College and to celebrate the amazing achievements of our students.

See you in the Library

Vanessa McKellar, Head of Library Services

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