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  • January 24, 2018

A warm welcome to the new staff, students and families that have joined the GCC community this year. We look forward to getting to know you and working alongside you in the library this year. Parents/caregivers are very welcome to visit the library with their child before and/or after school. We are open from 8am daily, which is a great time to read a book together before school starts. We are open until 3:15pm for Primary students and 4pm for Secondary students daily.

Library Weebly

The GCC Hub Weebly is regularly updated with information about library programs, events and galleries, providing access to research tools and databases essential for students seeking quality resources. The Weebly can be accessed via the Library drop-down menu on Connect and can be accessed at home and school. Please note that the Weebly is password protected. Students will be given the password at school and are welcome to share this with parents/caregivers. Students are encouraged to use the quality educational databases available under the iResearch P-12 tab on GCC Hub to assist them with their learning. Primary students are also encouraged to bookmark the Bug Club (Prep-Year 2) and Literacy Pro (Year 3-6) pages under the iRead (P-12) tab.

Book Club

Scholastic Book Club Issue 1 will be handed out to students in Prep – Year 6 next week, with extra copies of the brochures available in the library for Year 7-12 families. There’ll be seven issues of Book Club to look out for this year. We are proud partners of the Scholastic rewards program and greatly appreciate the benefits it brings to the College. Along with the Book Club, we’ll also be holding our annual Scholastic Book Fair in August, during Book Week.

Summer Reading Club

Did your child take part in the Summer Reading Club? Let us know as we’d love to acknowledge their involvement here at GCC. Led by the State Library of Queensland, in partnership with the Australian Library and Information Association and other state and public libraries, the Summer Reading Club is an annual program that aims to encourage a continued love of reading and ongoing multi-literacy skills development among children and young people during the summer holidays. The Summer Reading Club site is still open and features 21 authors and illustrators who released new titles in 2017–18. Each author/illustrator has a profile in the online Celebrity Corner and children are able to preview selected chapters of their titles. Summer Reading Club online competitions are open until 31 January 2018.

Primary News – Literacy Pro (Year 3-6)

Students in Year 3-6 will commence borrowing Lexiles for the Literacy Pro Home Reading Program in Week 2. The LitPro program replaces the Home Reader program used in Prep – Year 2. It’s a fantastic individualised reading program designed to encourage students to read texts matched to their abilities, allowing them to gain valuable reading practice and build comprehension skills. Each child will complete an initial Lit Pro comprehension test and receive a Lexile level to start the program for 2018. At the end of Term 1, 2, 3 and 4, students will take subsequent Lit Pro tests to monitor their progress. From next week, students are encouraged to regularly borrow Lexiles and complete quizzes to earn points. Certificates will be handed out as reading goals are attained. Stay tuned for further details about the program via our Parent Pipeline program in the coming weeks or go to the GCC HUB for more information.




Secondary News – Admin Week

Thank you for assisting us during ‘Admin Week’ with the collection of textbooks and devices from the library. Students are reminded to take care of all textbooks and to regularly check they are using the copy they borrowed. It is recommended that texts borrowed by students are kept safe and not left in classrooms even when used regularly. All books remain the responsibility of the student who borrowed them and need to be cared for respectfully and kept in good condition. At the end of the year or when the textbook is no longer required, books need to be returned directly to the library by the student not via staff or peers. A replacement cost will be required for unreturned books or books damaged beyond repair. Students are encouraged to see the library staff if they have a damaged or misplaced/lost textbook.

All the best for the term ahead! See you in the library,

Vanessa McKellar and Beryl Morris, Teacher Librarians

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