Library News 20 March 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Library News 20 March 2015

  • March 18, 2015

Library Hours

Prep – Year 6 students:                      8am – 3:15pm
Year 7 – 12 students:                          8am – 4pm

Secondary Homework Club
Teachers volunteer their time to assist with the Homework Club on a rostered basis.
Every Thursday   (Year 7-12)           From 3pm – 4pm

Literacy Pro Achievementsliteracy pro

Students across Year 4 – 6 have been diligently reading Lexile titles and many have received awards for achieving set goals. By the end of this term students should have read and completed quizzes for 5 titles. Students can access the Lit Pro platform at home or school via the Library Weebly, under the iRead tab. Please note the Weebly is password protected. Details about the Weebly and password were forwarded to parents earlier in the term. Please contact library staff at if you need assistance with the Weebly or would like to know your child’s Lit Pro login.

A copy of the PowerPoint we discussed at the recent Parent Pipeline session has been uploaded to the Lit Pro page—6.html and is a great resource for parents/caregivers. We highly value the partnership between home and school to ensure that students are consistently reading Lexiles and taking quizzes. As part of the home reading program Lexiles should be brought home and read regularly. As texts are individually matched to reading abilities, the program allows students to gain valuable reading practice and build comprehension skills at their level. At the end of this term students will complete another comprehension test to monitor their progress and Lexile level.

Special thanks to the many students who assisted in preparing our next Lexile order. We have added 327 new titles to the Lexile collection this year and are looking forward to the next bundle of new titles arriving. They have been handpicked by our students and will be a wonderful addition to out Lexile collection.

Congratulations to the following students who have completed and passed 20 Lexile quizzes this term. This is well over and above the set goal for the term and we congratulate them on their mighty efforts. They are now able to join the 2015 Dream Team to set their own new reading goals.

Lilli-Jean Cruise 4MDream team
Joshua McKellar 4W
Caitlin Moore 6G
Coby Schmeichel 6G

World Read Aloud Day

On Wednesday 4 March Primary students were invited to attend the World Read Aloud Day event held in the library. World Read Aloud Day is celebrated World Read Aloud Day 1
annually by over 1 million people in more than 80 countries and reaches more than 31 million people online. Approximately 120 students attended the event at GCCC. This year we enjoyed reading a recently published book called Curry for Murray, by Brisbane author Kate Hunter & talented illustrator Lucia Masciullo. In the book Molly decides to make a curry for her neighbour Murray who is unwell. Following this generous act, Molly’s delightful dishes are in demand and everyone wants a taste of her cooking! She makes slippery duck pasta for her brother’s headmaster, spit-roasted geese for the local police and Singapore noodles for the Montague poodles! Students were enthralled with the delicious recipes and ingredients Molly used, not to mention the brilliant rhyming on every page. As a reward for joining in the fun, students received a colouring sheet and sticker. world read aloud day 2Charlotte Westaway from 1W dropped by this week to show us her clever colouring (pictured below). Special thanks to our Year 6 Library Monitors who assisted with the event.

 Vanessa McKellar, Head of Library Services






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