Library News 20 February 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Library News 20 February 2015

  • February 18, 2015

Library News 20 February 2015

Library Hours 

Prep – Year 6 students: 8am – 3:15pm
Year 7 – 12 students: 8am – 4pm

Secondary Homework Club
Teachers volunteer their time to assist with the Homework Club on a rostered basis.
Every Thursday (Year 7-12) From 3pm – 4pm

Book Club Thanks

Special thanks to the families who used the new LOOP payment system for the Scholastic Book Club. The first Book Club orders should arrive shortly and will be handed out to students in class. We were thrilled with the number of orders received for Issue 1 and look forward to seeing Book Club flourish again in 2015. Please be mindful that Book Club is run by volunteers and ordering dates are set to assist in placing and receiving orders promptly. We respectfully ask that orders are placed on or before the closing date to reduce double handling of extra orders that can be time consuming. If you are ordering for a special event, please feel free to place instructions with your order and we can withhold orders for collection in the library by parents/caregivers.

Primary Borrowing

Please note the Primary borrowing days below. All classes have commenced borrowing with flying colours and many lower Primary classes have had every student remembering to bring their library bags each week. Very impressive! All students are expected to borrow regularly to assist with home reading practice and to foster a love of reading. We work hard to regularly purchase new and recent titles/series to ensure students have plenty of choice and titles to choose from.

Students in Prep – Year 2 are expected to have a GCCC velcro bag for borrowing and will receive prizes each term for consistently bringing their library bag. If students in Prep are away, miss their lesson or forget their bag, they must borrow with a parent/caregiver or sibling, or wait until the next lesson. If Year 1 and 2 students miss a lesson they can come and borrow by themselves at a convenient time. Students in Year 3 – 6 do not need a library bag but may bring one if they like. Students in Year 3 – 6 can search for items and return/borrow before, during and after school.

Day Class
Monday 1M, 2G, 4G, 4W
Tuesday PG, 2M, 2W, 3M, 4M
Wednesday 6G, 6M
Thursday 1W, 3G, 5G, 5M
Friday PW, 1G, 3W

Primary Book Club
The Primary Book Club is off to a great start and we are looking for more members. Students in Year 3-6 are welcome to attend every Friday and join Mrs. McKellar at first break in the library. This term we have become word spies and treasure hunters, inspired by Ursula Dubosarsky’s book The Word Spy. Students have shared about their favourite words, created new words and explored unusual words like funambulist. This week we are exploring rebus riddles and starting our own blog on the GCCC Library Weebly. Stay tuned for more details about the Secondary Book Club in the next newsletter. It runs weekly on Wednesdays at second break in the library and is led by Mrs. Morris, our Secondary Teacher Librarian.

See you in the library

Vanessa McKellar

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