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Library News 2 April 2015

  • March 31, 2015


Library Hours

Please note the Library will be closed over the holidays and will reopen in Term 2.

Prep – Year 3 Bug Club Upgrade

Bug Club is migrating to an exciting new platform which is compatible with iPads. It includes a large range of additional readers and new Bug Club worlds and rewards for students to enjoy. The existing platform will be switched off at the start of April and be unavailable over the holidays. Pearson has apologised for any inconvenience caused by this down time. We look forward to exploring the new platform and all it has to offer in Term 2.

Promoting Holiday Reading with Secondary StudentsLibrary news picture

Everyone loves a great story – whether it’s a fantastic movie, a ‘can’t put it down’ novel or a well-told tale from a funny storyteller.  As we approach holidays, it’s a good opportunity to get back into the groove of a great story and to take time to enjoy it!  During the school term there’s a bit of pressure to get through the daily homework, assignment research and set reading tasks, that sometimes our students miss the pleasure of reading just for fun.

The excitement of being stuck in a great story is wonderful; you get drawn back into the book just to find out what is going to happen next in the plot, or to your favourite character.  When I hear the comment ‘I don’t like reading’, I often think that the person has missed finding the right book/story to get them hooked on a reading journey that excites and interests them.  In working with older students, I encourage them to keep searching for a great book for them.  Inspiring teens to read can be challenging but so worth it when you see they are held captive by a great read!

Holiday time gives a bit more scope to try some incentives to connect our young people into the world of creativity, action or adventure.  Books that have inspired movies often have a bit more intrigue for teenagers.  Getting them hooked on a series or favourite author also seems to engage them in continuing to read on.  For families that travel over the holidays, listening to an audiobook for part of the journey is also a good way to connect with a great story.

Where can teens find great materials to read for fun?  Our College library has a growing collection including a range of popular series and authors and our team is keen to help connect the right book to the right reader.  Local public libraries on the Sunshine Coast have an even wider range of resources and the staff can help find the right book, graphic novel, audiobook or eBook suited to a range of readers.  There are a number of websites that keep teenagers connected with the latest books on offer. Inside a Dog , sponsored by the State Library of Victoria, is all about books for teen readers and includes book reviews, discussions on the news blog, author interviews and more!

So, over the holidays, do yourself a big favour – take some well-deserved time-out and get connected to a great story and remember – reading for fun is never a waste of time!

Vanessa McKellar and Beryl Morris

Primary and Secondary Teacher Librarians

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