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“Lest we forget” Reenactment

  • November 18, 2013

On the 11th day of the 11th month of this year our Year 9 students met on the battlefront of the GCCC oval to re-enact the Gallipoli landing of our ANZAC troops in 1915.

Armed with water pistols and water bombs the Year 9 “Turkish soldiers” defended the high ground, behind leafy barricades and cardboard defences. In an offensive back and forth, the opposing “ANZAC troops” equally armed attacked and retreated their way up the hill, around the barricades, at times taking territory for the Entente and at others retreating under heavy Alliance counter-attack.

Covered in superficial “wounds” (red food dye) and wet to the core, our young troops, having discussed the motives and outcomes of the battle sat back and enjoyed some delicious ANZAC biscuits and their choice of hot or iced tea – a slightly tastier post-battle treat than the troops themselves would have experienced.

Most importantly, in remembrance of those who have fought for Australia and for the families who have lost those they love in battle, along with all of GCCC, Year 9 stopped, reflected and remembered!

A special thank you to Mr. Warren (battle strategist), the maintenance staff (battle ground constructors) and the army mess – Miss Devitt, Mrs Hill and Mrs Ballment.

Amanda Gook

Year 9 English Humanities Teacher

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