“LAST TREE IN THE CITY “– Puppet Show for Prep from Arts Link - Glasshouse Christian College

“LAST TREE IN THE CITY “– Puppet Show for Prep from Arts Link

  • August 20, 2014

On Friday 15 August 2014, Prep went to see the story of “The Last Tree in the City” come to life through the eyes of a puppet. Arts Link came along with all their sets in tow and presented Peter Carnavas’ lovely story of a little boy who brings greenery back to a dull, leafless city. With clever scenery, animation and little narration by the puppeteers, the children were moved through different emotions as the story unfolded. The tale from a book of the same name, tells of a little boy in an urban landscape and how the loss of a special tree impacted him. His passion for the tree inspires others, so he becomes as instrument of change to re-introduce greenery to the city once more. One little Prep girl commented, “I even had a tear when they cut down the tree.” The children enjoyed how the little boy character could ride a tricycle, climb a tree and sleep in a bed. It was a very heartwarming story which kept many of the children enthralled.

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