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Lapathon Challenge – We’re getting fit again!

  • March 19, 2014

We are off running again! The primary students are all enthusiastically running as many laps as possible in ten minutes each day to help their class become the Lapathon Champions for 2014. At GCCC we believe students need to be fitter and also be prepared for the GCCC Cross Country events which are coming up early in Term 2.

We encourage all students to run, walk/run or walk quickly around the oval as many times as possible in ten minutes. As fitness improves, students find it easy to run for longer and continue to challenge themselves to just run another lap. The total number of laps run by each class is totalled to find the winning class after six weeks of running. The Junior and Senior winning classes will go on an all-day outing of fun with Mrs Stott.

It would be awesome to see parents join the classes on their run each day if the time was convenient. IMG_9194Perhaps we could add parent and teacher laps to class totals!! Talk to your child’s teacher if you are keen.

Wendy Stott

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