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Kitchen Garden

  • March 27, 2013

How glorious to see some sunshine and be able to get into the garden this last fortnight!

Many flower seedlings have been planted in the class Adopt-a-gardens by our eager young gardeners so keep a watch out for some great displays of colour over the next few months.

We have planted some broccoli, lettuce, shallots, onions and spinach seedlings in our garden beds which will hopefully flourish and provide a bountiful harvest for us in the coming months.

Classes have continued to learn about ‘What’s in our food?’ This fortnight the focus has been on fats in our foods. We have learnt that not all fats are bad and that in fact our bodies need fat as it a valuable form of energy and it helps us absorb some of the vitamins you need to stay healthy, such as vitamin A, D, E and K. However, too much fat (especially saturated fat) is bad for us and could ultimately lead to obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Many fast foods and store bought cakes, biscuits and processed foods contain high amounts of saturated fats so these are best limited in our diets.

Cooks made some healthy fruit kebabs with a honey and yoghurt dip. Fruit kebabs are a fun way to get your child to eat a wider range of fruit. If the children make the kebabs themselves they are more likely to eat them and come back for more! From this you could introduce vegetables kebabs cooked on the BBQ. Experience has shown me that kids love eating anything on a stick!

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Until next term…..

Mandy Ward, Kitchen Garden Coordinator


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