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Kitchen Garden News – eggplant pasta

  • August 21, 2019

Kitchen Garden News – eggplant pasta

This term in Kitchen Garden we have been learning about the healthy food pyramid. We have been discussing what we need to eat to keep our bodies healthy and strong.

In the garden, we have harvested a big crop of eggplants and tomatoes that our chefs have used to create our eggplant pasta which most of the children loved.

Our lettuce went to seed so the children shook out the seeds from the plants and then gathered them up for future use.

The weather has been beautiful each week for our work in the garden, but due to a lack of rain, our waterers have been kept very busy giving all our plants a big drink.

Eggplant pasta recipe
1 clove of garlic grated
1 onion diced
250g of pork mince
3 medium eggplants diced
3 tomatoes, diced
3 kale leaves chopped
1 grated carrot
½ a capsicum
1 bottle of passata
1 packet of pasta, cooked


Cook the onion, garlic and pork mince. Once cooked add the eggplants, tomatoes, kale,  carrot and capsicum. Stir through and cook for three minutes. Add the passata and cook with the lid on for a further three minutes. Add the cooked pasta and grated parmesan cheese, stir through and serve.

Amanda Ward and Debbie Goddard

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