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Kitchen Garden News 8 November 2013

  • November 6, 2013

Wow, I can’t believe that we are almost at the end of another year. Where has the time gone?

The last fortnight has been very busy in KG. Week 4 was all about sushi. Everyone in Prep and Year 2M and 2G had a go at making their own and I must say that I was very impressed by the quality of the sushi rolling.

I must share an amusing story that I feel is testament to the KG program. A school mum of master 7 told me that he insisted that she wake him at 6:30am sharp for school so he could help with lunch. Mum dutifully obliged at 6:30am the following morning. “So, what would you like to help with? What would you like for lunch?” asked mum. “SUSHI” he responded. Well, mum couldn’t get that together in that time frame so a sushi making date for Sunday was set aside! It is wonderful to hear these stories and know that we are doing such good in our little corner of GCCC.

The Year 1s and 2W enjoyed some ‘bruffins’ that they made themselves. These classes also had a lovely time playing with Dotti the spotted hen and her seven fluffy chicks. The children marvelled at each chick’s distinctive personality and I’m sure we were distracted from the ongoing chores in the garden that had to be done!

Adopt a garden beds have been replanted with flower seedlings. They have also been well mulched. We harvested beans, beetroot, zucchini and tomatoes for our bruffins and made sure that our worms had lots to eat so they can continue to provide us with worm fertiliser for our beds.

Until next time, happy gardening,


Mandy Ward, Kitchen Garden Coordinator

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