Kitchen Garden News 6 September 2013 - Glasshouse Christian College

Kitchen Garden News 6 September 2013

  • September 3, 2013

Classes had such dirty fun this fortnight in Kitchen Garden. After waiting for what seemed to be ‘forever’ (at least in a Preppies time line!) it was finally time to dig up our potatoes.

I grow spuds every year in my own garden and still get such a thrill at harvest time. There is such anticipation and the excitement of turning the spade to reveal what lies beneath the soil. Our eager diggers started in earnest before it was full blown dirt-digging fun.

Dirt, potatoes and laughs flew freely across the garden bed. Jed was the champion potato harvester finding the most and the biggest; in fact we decided that Jed should consider becoming a potato farmer when he grows up.

We ate our way through the purple/blue rainbow stripe this fortnight. Cooks made some little prune cakes and Year 2s devoured fresh beetroot ‘spaghetti’ with most of the class sporting purple tongues.

Classes planted capsicum, tatsoi and parsnip seeds whilst we harvested lots of fat beetroot bulbs and some enormous heads of lettuce.

Preppies were kept busy weeding and mulching their adopt-a-garden beds in readiness for the next plantings of flower seedlings.

Until next fortnight, happy cooking and happy gardening. 

Mandy Ward. Kitchen Garden Coordinator

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