Kitchen Garden News 4 April 2014 - Glasshouse Christian College

Kitchen Garden News 4 April 2014

  • April 2, 2014

Classes were wet and soggy in Week 9 in the Kitchen Garden. The heavens opened and bought some much needed and welcome rain for our garden beds. Many classes were confined to the cover of the gazebo where the cooks soldiered on making a crunchy Caesar salad using the abundant lettuce from the garden.

Week 10 had us playing catch up in the garden and green thumbs were kept busy planting potatoes and garlic into the beds and punnets of seeds; beans, cauliflower and kohl rabi. Students also planted up pots of garlic with many suggestions on what to cook with the garlic once we harvest it later in the year. Garlic bread, garlic potatoes and garlic sandwiches were all suggested!

Preppies were delighted to see the flower seeds that they planted a few weeks ago grown into beautiful, healthy seedlings that they were able to plant into their adopt-a-garden beds.

Mrs Ward couldn’t help but have a little April Fool  joke on the cooks making the Caesar salad. They were asked to crack the eggs into a bowl but didn’t know that they were in fact hard boiled eggs that they were trying to crack open!

Don’t forget to go to our website for lots of photos and recipes from past lessons

If you are able to help out over the holidays with some weeding or watering please let me know; all help greatly appreciated.

Until next term, Happy Gardening!

Mandy Ward, Kitchen Gardener Coordinator

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