Kitchen Garden News 26 June 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Kitchen Garden News 26 June 2015

  • June 24, 2015

There always seems to be something that needs to be done in the garden and the KG is no exception. This week it was fertilizing before the holidays. It is a very smelly job spreading the organic x-tra pellets throughout the garden beds but there was no shortage of eager volunteers for the task! The gardens were tidied, paths raked and weeds pulled so things are looking very shipshape.

Preppies planted more colourful flowers into their adopt a garden beds. it’s wonderful to see their faces beam with pride whilst tackling the task.

We used our winnings ($54!) from the Maleny show to extend our blueberry patch. We planted the variety, ‘sharp blue’ to complement bushes that were already established. Blueberries prefer an acidic soil (ph 4.5-5), and some peat moss in the bottom of the hole prior to planting will help keep the bushes happy as will mulching with pine needles or wood chips. We also purchased some new rakes which were put to work immediately.

Cooks made apricot, pear and passionfruit slice (p 96 Cooking Creations) which was a very tasty end of term treat. Year three classes had a special Kitchen Garden class this week. They created butter from scratch, made damper and then enjoyed it warm, drizzled with golden syrup. Yum!

Mandy Ward, Kitchen Garden Convenor

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