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Kitchen Garden News 25 October 2013

  • October 23, 2013

In Week 2 we had a very special visitor in Kitchen Garden, one of my mummy hens came for the day with her four fluffy chicks. The children were very excited to watch how the mummy showed her chicks how to eat and scratch and they were even more delighted to have a hold and a cuddle of the little balls of fluff.

Sushi was on the menu in KG this week. The mere mention of the word had many children cringe and many comments such as “yuck! I don’t like sushi” rang through the garden.

However, once our master chefs filled and rolled their seaweed sheets and saw how delicious it looked almost every one had a try and then came back for seconds, thirds, fourths and even fifths! Our parent helpers were most impressed as to how much sushi the classes chomped through and many decided that sushi would be on the menu at home. It really is easy to make and if you get the kids involved they are more likely to eat it.

Green thumbs were kept busy in the garden. The adopt-a-garden beds in the Prep car park have been fertilized (lots of manure and compost added) and mulched with sugar cane mulch in readiness for planting next fortnight. The addition of sugar cane mulch will help retain moisture in the beds that dry out very quickly under the bark.

Zucchini’s and lots of lovely lettuce (which was used in the sushi) were harvested along with some beans which were eaten fresh.

Don’t forget to check out the kitchen garden website: for lots of photos and action in the garden.

Until next time,

Mandy Ward, Kitchen Garden Coordinator

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