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Kitchen Garden News 21 June 2013

  • June 19, 2013

We were rained out of the garden in week 9 which meant the travelling Kitchen Garden went mobile and visited the Year 1s in their rooms. Members from the carrot team were our cooks and made some tasty carrot dip with lots of fresh veggie sticks; sugar snap peas and celery from the garden. These were teamed with plain rice crackers and capsicum which were devoured in record time to the astonishment of our wonderful parent helpers.

The rain held off for 2W so they were able to join us in the garden. The rain made the weeds easy pulling and we were able to give our compost bins a good clean out.

We all admired Mrs. McLaren’s choice of spotty footwear…. such a sensible choice on such a wet day!

The sun was shining for week 10 however, all felt the wind chill factor. Preppies were keen to water the garden beds despite the cold. Preppies ploughed through the carrot dip with many children using spoons to devour the last of the dip from the bowl.

Year 2 students rolled up their sleeves and cleaned out the garden shed, which is now spick and span.

I would like to thank everyone who baked and came along to support our Biggest Morning Tea that we held in the junior undercover area. We raised $475.15, which is a fantastic effort. It is great to support such a worthwhile cause.

Over the course of the last two terms it has been so rewarding to watch the children grow and see their palettes developing. We have children who would not touch vegetables (never mind actually eat one) at the beginning of Term 1 to now being be first in line for food! I especially love the pronunciations that some of the adorable Preppies have of my name…

So I’ll sign off until next term,

Mrs. Reward or Mrs. Award (if you prefer!)

Kitchen Garden Coordinator.

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