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Kitchen Garden News 1 March 2013

  • February 26, 2013

Rain, rain go away! Kitchen Garden classes have been rained out of the garden for the past fortnight. So much work had been planned; mulching to finish, seeds and seedlings to plant, weeds to pull; the list goes on. I’m sure many of you are experiencing the same delays at home in your own gardens.

Despite the rain we still had lots of fun in lessons. As many of the Prep to Year 2 classes had been confined to inside play time it was welcome relief for them all to come over to the gazebo and have a go at cooking. Classes made ham and pineapple pin wheels using pineapple fresh from the garden. These were such a hit that many a second and thirds were had! The recipe has been posted on the Kitchen Garden website               if you would like to make these simple, tasty pastries at home (they are great in the lunch box too!)

Our volunteer numbers have been down so far this term. I’m sure that the weather is in part to blame but some classes (1M and 2W for example) have NO parent helpers at all! It would be great to see this turn around in the next few weeks and for our volunteer numbers to increase. It only takes 40 minutes each fortnight yet it means the world to the kids.

Have you purchased your copy of the Kitchen Garden cookbook ‘Cooking Creations’? Copies are still available from the office for $10 or email myself and I can organize a copy for you.

Yours in gardening and cooking,
Mandy Ward, Kitchen Garden Coordinator


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