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Kings , Conquerors and Philosophers…

  • February 18, 2015

Kings , Conquerors and Philosophers…

Visiting the University of Queensland to complete their primary research for their first, major research task of the year our Year 12 Ancient History students coffeed with Rammases II, chatted with Richard the Lion Heart, spent an hour or two philosophising with Socrates before taking an adventure into the greatest empire the world has ever known with Alexander the Great.

From the silence of a “quite study” library location they dolled themselves up and moved to a cultural experience at Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant at Southbank. Most students braved an experience, tasting food they’d not tried before, just because they could! Whilst others were willing to pose in the traditional hat-wear of the culture… with only one thing in mind others led the way to an ic-creamy finale!

To be sure this GCCC Ancient History excursion, was productive, adventurous and fun… but I’ll let the students speak for themselves:

“Look at all of my books!” Anneliese Hughes.

“I could live in Turkey.” Luke Hesse

“So where exactly is Turkey?” James Thow

“If it’s any consolation, I have Coke in my ear!” Keaton Maximous
Amanda Gook
Head of English and Humanities Department

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