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Kinderfest – visiting authors

  • May 24, 2018

Kinderfest – visiting authors

On Tuesday the children in Prep-2 were treated to ‘Kinderfest’, where three delightful authors shared their wonderful books with the children and inspired them to love reading and writing. We welcomed Michelle Worthington, Emma Middleton and Allison Paterson to our College. We also had the opportunity to purchase books and have them personally signed by these ladies. As you will read, the children had a wonderful time. Here are some of the written responses from Year 1: 

My favourite part was the farm because my Poppy has a farm. The funniest was the sheep because the sheep was trying to break the gate. Kane

My favourite part was Emma reading the lion book because it had rhyming words. The Dad was the lion in the book. Connor

My favourite part was “There’s a Bear in our Backyard”. My favourite part of the book was the Mum pregnant and then … having a baby. I adored that bit. There were clues in that book but … bear clues. The Mum in the book pretended to be the bear. Nila

My favourite part was the “Worlds Worst Pirate”. His mum was the captain. The pirate wanted to be a chef and have his own restaurant. He wanted to be a very good chef. Hudson

My favourite part was when Alison told us the farm story. She liked it and I liked it too. Emma was good too. I like the Lion in the Living Room and the bear. It was awesome. She has puppets, a lion and a bear. I love it because we got to rraaaaaa like a lion. The bear was good because the Mummy pretended to be a bear. Sophie

I liked Michelle. I liked the story Glitch because it was fun. I also liked Emma. I liked her puppets. I liked her books of the bear in our backyard. It was funny. Avah

My favourite visitor was Alison. I liked it because she put lots of exciting fun words. There were lovely ladies. There were books you could get. There were lots of people. Chloe

They were all good but my favourite was the last one. (Alison) I love the farm because I like how they shave off the wool. Jackson

My favourite part was Emma’s one. I liked it because of the Bear book. The mum had a bear shadow. She chased the kids. She was resting. She also hid from them. I also like the lion one because the dad was pretending to be a lion. I also liked Michelle’s books. I like the World’s Worst Pirate. It was a little bit funny. All the pirate wanted to be was a chef. We pretended to make cupcakes. Emily

My favourite part was when they talked about the runaway sheep. My favourite book was sharing time. The lion story and the bear story. I like those stories because they are interesting and Emma did a puppet show. I liked it. My most favourite book was the bear book. Alliana

My favourite part was all of the people who came. I want to write a book! I like the lion and bear story books because they are nice and not scary. I like the sheep book because my dad likes it and I can’t believe they sheered a sheep. I like the spinning wheel. I like the bug story because we got to drive but it was not real. Lochlann

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety.

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