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Junior Swim Fun Day Still to Come

  • November 18, 2014

Junior students are looking forward to a morning of fun at the pool on Wednesday 3 December between 9am and 11.30am when the Junior Swim Fun Day will be held.

This is a fun day when students get to show parents and grandparents all they have learned during swimming lessons this term. Students will participate in novelty events and games as well as short swim races at their level.

All students in year one and two, and year three students who are still 8 years old in 2014 will be participating in this fun event which is a great way to finish the term.

We would be most appreciative if there were some parents who were able to help out on the day either in or out of the water. If you are able to help could you please let your child’s teacher know of your availability. The coolest place will be in the pool for sure!

Wendy Stott


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