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Junior Athletics Carnival a Heap of Fun!

  • August 21, 2013

The atmosphere was buzzing as the Prep to eight year olds flooded onto the oval for their annual Junior Athletics day. The tents were covered in streamers and banners with sharks and crocodiles dominating the scene, with a few tigers prowling!

The day got off to a roaring start with the war cry competition which shook Beerwah I am sure! They were well rehearsed and full of enthusiasm and even a little bit scary!

The children all ran two races with everyone winning a ribbon for their fantastic efforts. Some races were very close showing the great talent amongst these students. Others just ran for fun and also did a great job.

The always popular Tog O War was hotly contested between students and parents with wins going both ways. Mrs Bryers was even seen giving a helping pull to one of the teams. Everyone jumped in the long jump and the Yr 2’s and 3’s also tried their hand at high jump.

Some welcome lunch was cooked and distributed by the fantastic P and F group who worked on the barbecues all morning to have them ready for us.

After lunch it was back into action for the tabloid events. The children ran over obstacles, threw balls into swinging buckets on elastic and threw chickens. They jumped on moon hoppers, dug for treasure, squeezed through tunnels and filled a leaky bin to overflowing with the help of a willing volunteer who plunged into the cold water to make it overflow quicker. The day was really hot but it was great to cool down at the Overflow activity as everyone ended up wet (even most of the parents). Points were scored for team support and to the winning team in some events.

After tallying all the points Sinai came out as champions by only seven points from Zion and Ararat. What a close event once again.

Everyone was so impressed by the enthusiasm and participation of all the students. Their faces were red and glowing but they still competed with a huge smile and were delighted with the ribbons they won and the fun they had had. A huge thank you goes out to all the wonderful parents who so willingly helped with teams and at activities. You do help to make the run so much more smoothly and your children love your support for them.


Wendy Stott

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