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Jared Moss inspired at Qld AFL Championships

  • June 13, 2018

Jared Moss inspired at Qld AFL Championships

Jared Moss competed in his first State Championship and was a very valuable member of the Sunshine Coast 12-year-old boys AFL team. Jared and his team competed in Yeronga for four days against teams from all over Queensland at the 12-year-old boys Schools AFL Championships. Jared was all over the park making fantastic tackles but also making runs into space to receive the ball and kicks on to fellow team mates. As a mid-field player he covered many kilometres in each game and made plenty of possessions.

The team played seven games over the four day competition winning five games which was a fantastic result. They finished in fifth place overall from 12 teams winning a very close final game against Metropolitan West.

A highlight for Jared was getting to know boys from the Peninsula team from Far North Queensland. They taught the Sunny Coast boys some of their language and then made a guard of honour for the Sunny Coast boys as they ran out to play their semi-final. These are special moments in sport.

Jared was inspired at this competition by the many talented AFL players in Queensland and is highly motivated to train hard and improve. He is very much looking forward to playing next year as he is only 11 years old.

Wendy Stott

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