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Iron and Clay through the eyes of Year 6

  • August 21, 2013

On Monday, students in Years 3-6 were fortunate enough to be involved in an Iron and Clay concert. It was a great experience for everyone (even teachers!). The students loved the song choices (but most did not like the One Direction song they sang) but all of the other songs where fantastic. Some people in the audience got great prizes. The Year 6 students got to go up on stage and have a dance off and the winner was Casey Woods with his great air guitar. Congrats Casey!

The other game was a bit like pass the parcel but with musical instruments and when the music stopped the four people holding the instruments went on to the stage and had another dance off and Alexis Thomas won with her great country style. Go Alexis. The rest of the concert involved dance, music and fun. At the end of the concert there was merchandise for sale. Some students had money and bought things but most were complaining, ‘I don’t have any money!’

Overall, it was a great experience for all of all of the students and teachers.

By Dylan Myers and Kate Jackson

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