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Iron and Clay Rock the House

  • August 21, 2013

On Monday the 19 August, GCCC witnessed a spectacular performance from the team of Iron and Clay. The R & B/pop/dance crew, who’s main message was to spread positivity, increase self-esteem, and an increase faith in God, wowed the viewers with outstanding singing, dancing and individual stories.

To start with, the team introduced a catchy song with a positive message to get our Senior, Middle, and Year 3-6 levels going. After this, introductions were made – Rochelle (keyboardist, singer), Dan (singer, dancer), Alana (singer, artist), Warrick (singer, dancer) and lastly Sophia (lead singer, dancer, and keyboardist). A plethora of singing and dancing items followed this, with the talents of each individual being clearly evident.

Perhaps the most entertaining segment of the performance was the time when students were called to be involved. A country and western tune began, percussion instruments were passed around the crowd, and when the music stopped, the student who had landed the instrument had to dance and play that instrument in front of everyone. Some would say it was entertaining but others would say the students’ dancing was quite interesting. I’d have to say I have never seen dance moves like that before.

To finish it off and to bring the performance to a feel-good and encouraging conclusion, Alana Bosgra shared some of her artistry. This was no amateur display; in fact, the art was brilliant – reflecting the thoughts and feelings of a real person who went through what many of our teenagers are experiencing now. With this, the message of God’s love and work in Alana’s life was clearly apparent. The students were encouraged and inspired from this.

Overall, what a brilliant visit, and we at GCCC will look forward to seeing them next year!


Chappy Nick Warren

(Nick is currently doing chaplaincy practicum through his university, every Monday at GCCC.)

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