Introducing... Student Voice 2015 - Glasshouse Christian College

Introducing… Student Voice 2015

  • March 4, 2015
The Student Voice is GCCC’s form of a student council in the Secondary College. It is chaired by the College Captains Troy Fullerton and Calista Theron and consists of a student representative from each form class that serves a one semester term. The Student Voice provides an avenue for the students to raise matters of concern regarding the student body and these issues can be addressed by relevant parties. Another aspect of the Student Voice is fundraising for charities that have relevance to the college and that the students feel passionate about supporting.
For Semester One the student representatives include:
Year 7 – Cody O’loan, Jonty Brown and Rick Kombanie
Year 8 – Ariana Doolan, Kacey Dickens and Mark Kennedy
Year 10 – Jordan Bull, Annabelle Freeman, Jesse Woods
Year 11 – Will Smerdon, Taylah Andrews, Moale James
Year 12 – Troy Fullerton, Calista Theron, Ella Mickelson, Vanita Mens
Students are encouraged to discuss their ideas and issues with their student rep and have their opinion heard by the Student Voice. Each student can be involved in creating a positive and supportive culture in the GCCC student body. Watch this space for more exciting updates throughout the year.
Tanya Cullen
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