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Introducing new staff

  • February 1, 2018

Introducing new staff

Last week we introduced three of our new teaching staff to you and this week we take great pleasure in introducing three more new teachers. One of our new staff members is more of a ‘renewed’ staff member and I’m sure many of you will remember Jonathan Cooper and welcome him back.

Jonathan Cooper

Hello! My name is Jonathan Cooper and I am the new 4W teacher.

I am delighted to be teaching my second year at Glasshouse Christian College after working for a year in the Hunter Valley (NSW) as a Creative Arts teacher.

My wife and I have four children aged seven and under. I have also previously worked full time in church ministry and been very involved with youth and music. I’ve pursued many creative hobbies including producing five CDs and have had three books published. I am excited about partnering with parents in helping to bring out the God-given potential of their children.

Amy Eskdale

Hi. My name is Amy Eskdale and I am so excited to be joining the GCC community this year.

I have recently moved from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast with my husband. In my spare time I enjoy going for walks along the beach, swimming and doing arts and crafts. This year I am teaching Year 3, and I am so looking forward to working with them to accomplish their goals and assisting them in recognising and achieving their God given purpose and talents.

Matthew Osberger

Hello. I am thankful to be here at GCC. I am teaching in Maths, STEM and Pastoral Care. Some hobbies I enjoy include running and team sports.

Have a great year!

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