Determination shown at Interschool Sport - Glasshouse Christian College

Determination shown at Interschool Sport

  • July 19, 2018

Determination shown at Interschool Sport

The Year 5 and 6 students have trained hard all term and were determined to show their ability in football and netball at the recent Glasshouse District Interschool Sport competition. The competition is played over three weeks and is organised into A and B divisions. GCC enters four teams in this competition and teams have been training throughout the term.

The A and B Football teams both played fantastic football showing individual skills as well as teamwork. The B team played 12 games and only lost two games over the three weeks. They finished as runners up in the B Division behind St Michael’s College. Cohen Wishart made some fantastic saves in goal and Jacob Barker played calm balls under pressure with Jasper Jenkins always attacking the goal. Mooloolah were unbeaten over the three weeks and won the B Division.

The A team won all but two games and both of these were to the St Michael’s team. They played in the final against St Michael’s in a very close game especially in the first half. The final score was 3 – 1 to St Micheal’s but the game saw some good football being played. The top five teams in this competition were very evenly matched so it was a great competition with boys often playing their club mates in different school teams. Joshua Ramke directed play from his midfield position playing lovely balls through for the strikers to run on to. Noah Cobb was an amazing rock in the centre of defence saving the day on many occasions clearing the ball to the feet of one of our players further up the field.

The A netball team played on the Tibros’ courts and faced tough opposition from local schools. The team had six wins and seven losses over the three weeks. Week 3 was the highlight week for them as they played determined netball and combined well as a team then finished the competition in fifth place from eight teams.

The B teams played at Glasshouse State School and this team was less experienced at netball. They improved with every game as they learned the role of their position. They scored a mixture of wins, draws and loses over the three weeks. They finished in 7th place which was a great result. These girls look forward to playing more netball in the future. Mooloolah went on to win the B Division competition.

It was great to have Michaela Weatherburn train the netball teams and take the A team at the competition. Natasha Hoeksema umpired and helped Michelle Boroughs with the B netball team. The football skill and experience of Jamie-Lee Groer and Yoel were an asset to our football teams and a great help to Mrs Stott who organised the competition.

The support from parents was also very much appreciated and really helped our teams perform to the best of their ability.

Wendy Stott

GCC families can see all the photos on Pixevety.

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