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Interschool softball cut short

  • March 24, 2020

Interschool softball cut short

Year 5 and 6 students have been practising their softball skills during Term 1 in preparation for the Glasshouse District Interschool Softball competition. Twenty girls’ and boys’ teams from local schools competed in A and B divisions in a two-day competition. Unfortunately, the wet weather and COVID-19 has meant that only Day 1 of the competition was able to be played.

Our teams had a fantastic first day of competition with the A Boys and Girls and B girls teams winning all three of their games. The B boys team had one win, one close loss and a convincing loss against Mooloolah State School.

Unfortunately, all our teams were due to play against the St Michael’s College and Maleny teams on Day 2 of the competition which would have been fantastic games. There are many skilled players in these teams who would have made the games very exciting if we had been able to play them.

The results were calculated after the games that were played and huge congratulations goes to our B Girls team who were outright winners of the B Girls division. The A Boys team also won their A Boys division on run difference as St Michael’s finished on the same points but our GCC boys had more runners home. The game against St Michael’s would have been very exciting! The A girls team had a very close finish too, finishing on the same points as St Michael’s but having a lower run score which put them into second place in the A Girls division. The B Boys team finished in fifth place after tough games against tough opposition in their division. 

Skills and gameplay improved with each game and students really enjoyed the competition. Year 5 students will have the opportunity to play again next year. There is a softball club at Mooloolah if students would like to play more softball outside of school. See Sunshine Coast Hinterland Softball Association for details.

Results are as follows

Girls A
GCC vs Peachester SS 12 – 9 win 
GCC vs Beerwah SS 18 – 3 win
GCC vs Landsborough SS 20 – 1 win

Girls B
GCC vs Elimbah SS 10 – 9 win
 GCC vs Peachester SS 10 – 2 win
 GCC  vs Mooloolah SS  9 – 8 win 

Boys A
GCC vs Maleny 2 SS 20 – 5 win  
GCC vs Beerwah SS 16 – 0 win
GCC  vs Landsborough SS 14 – 1 win

Boys B
GCC vs Elimbah 5 – 9 loss  
GCC vs Peachester 9 – 8 win
GCC  vs Mooloolah SS 6 – 21 loss

Wendy Stott

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