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Instrumental Music Lessons

Instrumental music lessons have commenced for Term 3. Firstly, I would like to introduce three new instrumental teachers to the department. We have two piano teachers and a new guitar teacher.

Mrs Yusupov – Piano

Hila Yusupov has an extensive experience in both performing and teaching music. She holds her Hila Yusupov music lessonsMaster Degree in Chamber Music and is currently working on PhD research in Chamber Music Performance at the University of Queensland.

For the last twelve years, Hila has been working as a choral conductor, senior music teacher, pianist and accompanist at a private college. Mrs Yusupov has led primary and secondary school choirs and advanced vocal groups in all school performances, community concerts, competitions, “musical productions and music tours.

You can contact Mrs Yusupov on her mobile: 0434 643 170 or by email:   

Mrs Salonen – Piano

My goal is to teach music as an instrumental teacher, to promote the love of music to students, andemily salonen music lessons to participate in community music events. I believe learning how to play an instrument is an excellent way for a child to learn responsibility and perseverance. I believe playing in a band or orchestra not only gives children the joy of making music together but also teaches them the value of teamwork while building up their confidence and providing them with the thrill of performing and sharing their skills with others.

Personal Interests: I play the oboe in Brisbane Symphony Orchestra, a high-standard community orchestra. This involves weekly rehearsals and concerts 3-4 times a year. I am also involved in music in my church, Bracken Ridge Baptist Church, playing and singing in the annual Carols Festival and occasionally during Sunday services.

I enjoy reading, walking my two labradoodles, baking, and spending time with my children and husband.

You can contact Mrs Salonen on her mobile: 0479 095 404 or by email:

Justin D’Costa – Guitar

When I’m not teaching, composing or performing, I lead the youth department of Downpour Church, North Lakes.

My passion for guitar is eclipsed by my passion to help grow the God-given gifts and talents of others, so I am very excited to be joining the instrumental team here at GCC!

You can contact Mr D’Costa by email:

Lesson Enrolments

We offer lessons in woodwind, brass, percussion, voice, strings, piano and guitar. If you would like to enrol your child in lessons please complete the enrolment form and the Music Department will be in contact with you.

2018 Enrolment form:

A reminder about Instrumental Music Lessons

Student Absence:

  • If for any reason a student is unable to attend a lesson, the instrumental teacher must be notified by 7:30am on the day of the lesson. If notification is not given, the lesson fee will be charged and the lesson not rescheduled.

It is not the responsibility of the classroom teacher to remind individual students to attend lessons. Music lessons cannot be interrupted to search for a student who has forgotten to attend their lesson. If a student does not attend a lesson without prior notice, the lesson is still charged and not made up for a later time. The parent/guardian will receive a phone call from the instrumental teacher to notify them of a missed lesson.

Helpful tip for remembering lessons: Have the student set an alarm 5 minutes prior to the lesson (watch, small alarm).

Teacher Absence:

  • If a teacher is absent from school and unable to conduct lessons, the teacher will contact families through a text message and/or email. The College will endeavour to place a message in the morning notices and a note on the door in H2 and H3. The teacher will contact families regarding catch-up lessons.

Withdrawal of Tuition

If your child no longer wishes to participate in the program, four weeks’ notice in writing is required to both the instrumental teacher and the Music Department –

If the teacher terminates a student’s contract before the conclusion of the term, the fees will be reimbursed on a pro-rata basis.

Ebony Hilton, Head of Music

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