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Indigenous artist incursion

  • September 8, 2022

Indigenous artist incursion

Prep to Year 3 students enjoyed a visit from local Indigenous artist Peter Mu-raay and learnt about the meaning of his artwork.

Peter showed students his artwork, How Dhianawun Lost His Wings and shared the story of Dhinawan (emu) who was arrogant and a bully. He was rude to the other animals and chased off the brolgas, kookaburras and kangaroo. In his arrogance, he came undone and his wings were burnt off by fire. After this, Dhinawun chose to be a loyal partner and dad and used his strength to be a protector rather than to destroy. 

An emu has two feathers on one quill and Peter explained that this means we have two choices in life; to do the right thing or the wrong thing. Students enjoyed acting out the story with Peter and he showed them how to draw Dhinawun. In their art lessons, students are using ochre to paint a picture of Dhinawun. 

Hannah Steel, Primary Art Teacher

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