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How Facebook changes affect you

  • January 24, 2018

How Facebook changes affect you

We are excited to have more than 1700 of you following us on Facebook. This is where you see glimpses into school life and events that don’t always make it to the weekly newsletter.

If you have noticed that you are seeing less posts this year it is because Facebook have changed their algorithms for pages in an effort to boost page advertising.

If you enjoy following the GCC page and want to continue seeing photos and videos of things that happen at school, you can still do so. Just go to ‘News Feed’ on the top left hand side of your page, click on the three dots then select ‘Edit Preferences’ then ‘Prioritise who to see first’ and select Glasshouse Christian College.

Beginning in February Facebook will be showing much less ‘organic’ (unpaid) posts. If Facebook thinks that people are enjoying a post by writing lengthy comments (rather than a short emoticon), then they will give higher visibility to those posts.

We think it is wonderful how our parents tag each other so they don’t miss seeing a photo of their child and the longer the message with the tag, the more visibility the post will have.

Thank you for your continued support.

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