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House Shirt Design Competition for students

  • September 18, 2013
In 2014 we are re-designing the House Shirt to be a polo shirt that will be more comfortable to wear for sporting events and will look a lot better than our current T shirt. I would also like to make this shirt a statement of house pride. This is where I want the graphic arts skills and imagination of students to come into play.I am running a competition to design the logos that will become the front of the new house shirt for Ararat, Sinai and Zion which also incorporates the mascots of the Shark, Tiger and Crocodile respectively. Students will have the honour of designing something that will be the beginning of a proud tradition. The winning entry for each house will be used by the College and the designer will receive 100 dollars.


  1. All entries must be received by Friday 18 October.
  2. Entries may be on an A4 sheet of paper or may be electronic. Please do all the artwork in black on white paper. The final design will be screen printed white on the background colour of blue, red or green as appropriate.
  3. All entries must contain the elements of the animal mascot and the name of the house.
  4. All entries must be the contestants’ own work and must be by a student of the College.
  5. The judge’s decision is final and no further correspondence will be entered into.
  6. Payment will be made to the contestant upon agreement that the design will be used as the logo for the next house shirt.
  7. Entries are to be submitted to The Principal and handed in to Primary or Secondary Admin by the end of second week of Term 4 (i.e. before Friday 18 October 4pm).
Remember to encourage your child to be inspirational. This is their chance to make a lasting impression on GCCC for generations to come!

Mike Curtis, Principal

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