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Update: January 2020:

Changes to augmented reality in our Yearbook: Unfortunately Hewlett-Packard has decided to phase out their HP Reveal app. This means that they are no longer allowing the app to be downloaded by new users. However, if you have previously downloaded the app then you will still be able to use it and view all the videos on your smartphone.

For those who have never downloaded the app but would like to see all the videos, we have put them on our YouTube channel here and they are also available at the bottom of this page.
We will let you know future developments on this page and in the Eagle.

Update: June 2019:

Due to some changes made by HP Reveal at the 30 June 2019, if your device is having trouble finding GlasshouseCC in the HP Reveal app, you can simply click this link to be taken directly to our channel and then click on the “Follow” button. Return to the HP Reveal app and you will have full access to our augmented reality Yearbook.

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HP Reveal Setup

If you have HP Reveal already installed on your phone, please follow the below instructions to set it up to use on our Yearbook:

You will need:

  1. A smartphone (Apple or Android) or iPad/tablet with an inbuilt camera and internet access (wifi or data).
  2. The HP Reveal app – (If you don’t have HP Reveal on your phone, please see the update from January 2020 above)
  3. If you already have HP Reveal installed on your phone, create an account in HP Reveal. It’s free and easy:
  4. Enter your email address (if you wish to), choose a username and password.
  5. If asked to allow the app to access your camera, you MUST select ‘OK’.
  6. Search for our page, “GlasshouseCC” (one word, no spaces), click on glasshousecc’s Public Auras (next to our College logo).
    If you have trouble finding GlasshouseCC, simply click this link instead.
  7. Click the grey “Follow” button.
  8. You are now ready to go to the HP Reveal discover page and tap the blue round button at the bottom-centre of your screen.
    NOTE: If you don’t see the blue round explore button, you may need to click on the <Back link at the top-left of the app, and then click Cancel (top-right) to exit out of the setup. This should take you back to the HP Reveal discover page where you will find a blue round button at the bottom-centre of the screen.
  9. You will now see your camera view with six bouncing balls bouncing in and out. Now hold your phone over any of the photos in the yearbook that display a red play button and you will see the photo come to life.

See a sample from our yearbook:

Our 2019 Yearbook Playlist

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