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Holiday Reading … Highly Recommended!

  • November 23, 2023

Holiday Reading … Highly Recommended!

The long summer holidays are just around the corner… There’ll be time for some sun, surf, camping and even hunting for Christmas treasures.  I know I’m looking forward to more uninterrupted reading time  – just for the sheer pleasure!  Summer holiday reading –  is all about reading for pleasure. Whether you’re a young child, a teenager or an adult, reading something just for fun has much to offer. It’s all about taking the pressure off the task and keeping it fun.  As I unwind over the holidays and recover a bit from the hectic end of year schedule, I’ll soon reach that point where I’m keen to read more about my new hobby (painting and creating art) or I’ll dare to dive deeper into an intriguing novel where I’ll become hooked into some action/adventure in one of my favourite genres. I’ve noticed the huge difference in levels of engagement when a reader gets to choose what they like to read and where the focus is on relaxation and enjoyment. I encourage everyone to give free-choice reading a try – it’s definitely worth the effort.

Even though our College Library is not open for borrowing during the holidays, there are still lots of opportunities available in the community to browse, borrow, or buy a great new book. Students, parents, and staff are encouraged to try a variety of formats and genres such as books, ebooks, comics, magazines, and audiobooks. You can build your own summer library of borrowed, second-hand, or new versions or take time to try out a recommendation from a friend. Primary students can continue to do their Literacy Pro quizzes and access eBook Library until 31 December. Secondary students have access to our Wheelers ePlatform. There are lots of titles to explore and read just for fun over the summer holidays.

Wheelers eBooks – available 24/7 via our College Gateway Library links

Secondary students have access to the Wheelers ePlatform over the holidays. There are 1000’s of eBooks and 100’s of eAudiobooks from a range of genres and interest areas for students to select. The GCC Wheelers Platform is accessed from the library page on Gateway and students use their school login details to sign in to borrow. The ePlatform collections have been popular across the year and can be accessed on any device using the Wheelers Platform App.  New titles are added each month and students can also reserve and request titles of interest.

Be a reading role model and read together

For our younger readers, engagement, and enjoyment of reading is often a shared adventure. It’s important for children to see adults (or older children) reading and for them to be read to by adults or an older reader. One of the great joys we have in a P – 12 College library are those moments when we see our Secondary students connect with younger students around the shared moments of a great story. Opportunities to share reading time together bring some priceless memories along with increased confidence to read and skills to talk about what’s being read. Some of those priceless shared student moments are captured in these photos of secondary and primary students connecting over a great story. For one young primary reader sharing a story with some senior students brought some added excitement. When reading a book about bugs, an extra adventure was added when the students were joined by a real live beetle at just the right moment!

Click HERE to see more photos

Look at what’s on offer at your public libraries

A visit to your public library provides access to a wide selection of titles.. Most public libraries make their eBooks and eAudiobooks free to library members through apps such as Borrowbox. Families are also encouraged to find out what their local library offers over the summer holidays, such as regular services, resources, and programs.

Sunshine Coast Libraries annual Summer Reading Club kicks off Friday, 1 December 2023.

The promotion for this year’s event looks quite intriguing…

The cabinet of curiosity calls. 

Do you dare to unlock the mysteries awaiting in the literary world of libraries?

It’s really easy to be part of:  

Step 1. Register for the Summer Reading Club online or at your local Sunshine Coast Library.  

Step 2. Pick up a copy of your Challenge Card.  

Step 3. Complete 3 Explorations to receive or go in the draw for a range of prizes. 

For more information visit

Wherever you go and whatever you do over the summer break, I encourage you to give a good book a try.  May there be; a great adventure waiting for you, and opportunities to share the experience with someone else, and remember…reading for fun is definitely an option for you during the holidays!

Have a wonderful summer break!  We look forward to seeing you in our Library in 2024!

Beryl Morris, Secondary Teacher Librarian

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