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High Expectations

  • August 13, 2020

High Expectations

This year has been disruptive on many fronts but we are delighted to have all the children back at school and regular classes in session. Coming back to school and settling into learning and routines has taken a little time for some students. As we head towards the end of  Week 5, with only 14 more school weeks remaining before the end of the school year, having a good work ethic, doing our best, application and hard work is the order of the day for us all.  

Having high expectations of oneself is an attitude where you expect the best of yourself at all times. As the term proceeds, it is very important that every student is working to their best ability, paying attention during teaching sessions, asking questions and asking for help when needed. It is important that, at this stage of the school year, all students are trying hard and completing tasks well, that they are staying focused and using their time effectively, submitting work on time, presenting their best work and stretching themselves. We are expecting that every student is working towards achieving their best and setting high standards for themselves.

For our teachers, setting a culture of hard work by providing clarity of what is required, providing the opportunity for students to monitor themselves and having expectations that students will produce work at a level they are capable of, are just some of the ways in which teachers will continue to set a class and school culture of high expectations. 

No-one rises to low expectations. When teachers have high expectations of students, student’s self-esteem, confidence and their academic performance improves. (Brophy, 2008; 2010).
I am encouraging all students to work really hard and do their best in the weeks ahead.

‘Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations’. Bob Beauprez

Gail Mitchell, Head of Primary

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