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Refocus Child & Family Therapy (GCC Family Business Directory Listing)

  • August 6, 2018

Heidi, at REFOCUS, is an Accredited Mental Health Social worker, who provides a therapeutic service that is client-centered and trauma-informed. It is a mental health service to children, adolescents, women and their families. They offer a wide range of focused psychological and therapeutic strategies to help you and your family on your life journey, becoming resilient and embracing the change you want in your life. Sometimes we as adults need to refocus our thinking, sometimes our children need to refocus their behaviour, or their mindset. 

She works at the NEW Allied Health centre in Beerwah, called FAMILY WELLNESS.  
The current services they provide at the centre are:

  • Child, Youth and Adult mental health ( Heidi Langley) (child specialist)
  • Adult Mental Health and addictions  (Yvonne Swanton)
  • Physiotherapy – adults  (Lulu Harmse)
  • Nutritionist / eating disorders (Laura Roberts)

Services coming soon in Term 2:  

  • Occupational therapy (Beyond words)
  • Speech pathology (Beyond words)

Bookings now available. 

Call Heidi for more information – 0423 337 748

Website – Family Wellness:

Website – Refocus child & family therapy:

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