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Have you thought about coming to a P and F meeting?

  • October 12, 2017

Have you thought about coming to a P and F meeting?

At GCC we are committed to providing quality Christian education to your sons and daughters. You may have also heard it said that “it takes a village to raise a child”. Our village is our GCC community and this includes everyone who is a part of our College.

One of the most tangible expressions of this community is through the P and F. The P and F are a wonderful group of parents who meet together every month to do what they can to try and make GCC an even better place for everyone’s kids. This is done through;

  • Fundraising activities such as the chocolate drive, pie drives, grant applications etc.
  • Morale activities for the children such as Funfest (although this is a good fundraiser too) and the primary discos (like the one that is happening this Friday), ice blocks for all after cross country races and supplying the College with those items which just makes the students more excited about being at school (such as the new playground to begin construction early next year)
  • Morale activities for the parent body such as the Trivia Night

The P and F only exists to enhance our College. If this appeals to you and you would like to connect more broadly with the members of our College community then we would love you to be a part of our next meeting. This is being held on 14 November from 7pm until 9pm. This is our last meeting for the year.

Just come and give it a try. Attendance at the meeting is obligation free!

At GCC we are not just a school, we are a community. We are a group of like minded people with one main goal in mind; to provide quality Christian education to our sons and daughters.

Compulsory new back packs and library bags

The process began three years ago but we are nearly at the end of our uniform transition from Glasshouse Country Christian College to Glasshouse Christian College. Friday 19 January 2018 is the deadline for every student to have the new backpack and library bag (P-2) with the new College logo. If you bought your items new since the middle of 2015 or later then you will already have the items with the new logo. If you purchased your bags second-hand please check they have the new logos on them.

The only exception to this rule is for students entering Year 12 in 2018. These students will be allowed to continue using the backpack with our old College logo for their final year.

We strongly encourage all families to pre-order their bags before 1 November so that we can ensure we have enough bags for everyone. Orders can be placed in the Uniform Shop as a layby with a small deposit, or online through Flexischools.

Google Indoor Street View

GCC has a growing reputation for innovation in technology so when we were given the opportunity to have a Google Indoor Tour of our College, we embraced it.

The video is self-navigated just like a Google Earth Street View and goes inside many of our classrooms. Not all the rooms are included as it is a very long process so we highlighted Prep and many Primary classrooms as well as specialist secondary rooms.

As with Google Earth, all faces and private details are blurred so there is no need for concern about privacy. The tour is on our website and you can see it by clicking on this link:

Take an indoor tour of our classrooms here:

I hope you enjoy looking through this tour as much as I did.

Mike Curtis, Principal

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